Two Secret Destinations on the East Coast

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Two Secret Destinations on the East Coast

One thing we love at AusBackpacking is to challenge you to get you off the well-worn track and to explore new destinations. So as you head out of Sydney, don’t let people convince you that Byron should be your first stop. 

The Promised Lands

The Promised Lands is also known as Never Never Creek. Located approximately 25 minutes from the beautiful town of Bellingen on the mid north coast of NSW, is a group of watering holes and rivers locals call The Promised Lands.

the promised lands

The Promised Lands

So as to not ruin the exclusivity and beauty of this destination, I am not going to give you all of the details. To find this paradise, you will have to seek local help, which for me is half the fun. Once you do find it, though, you will thank me for not revealing exactly how to get there, as it is a journey well worth taking.

The location is made up of beautiful countryside, pristine river and water holes to swim in or to simply sit back and admire. Its natural beauty will have you exploring for hours and during summer, you will stay long into the afternoons.

There are no toilets or facilities close by, so be sure to take everything you need with you and please respect this stunning environment. An amazing spot to hang out and swim with fellow travellers, enjoy a picnic and tell stories in the middle of nowhere

Urunga Boardwalk

As you arrive in the small coastal town of Urunga situated on the Mid North Coast It is almost impossible not to let your guard down and start to relax. With a population of just over 3000, it has shops to grab your fish and chips, grocery supplies, ice cold beer and more.



What most people don’t know, is that situated on the beach side of the caravan park, opposite the pub is a beautiful Boardwalk. Finished in 2007, the Boardwalk now stretches over 1 kilometre, over the Urunga lagoon before it finishes on the beach.  As you walk along don’t be surprised to see stingrays, crabs and many other forms of fish life as you take this beautiful walk.

The sunset is beautiful should you capture it and the whole area has a quiet yet friendly vibe. The local club also has cheap feeds or grab a milkshake and walk along the river.

These locations (especially The Promised Lands) are nature reserves and not tendered to by councils, so please be sure to remove all rubbish as you leave and keep it beautiful for all who come in behind you.


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