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Make money fast as a backpacker in Australia

So you arrive in Australia and there’s a lot to take in the first few weeks, for one its warm, really warm, everyone talks very strangely and dreadlocks are the standard amongst young Aussie men…. The sea’s warm, the air is thin and sand is golden.

You’ve made it, you saved up your pennies and you’re here, now what?…. PARTYYYYYYYY!….. Fast forward a bit… Ok, you’ve been here two weeks, you’ve been introduced to goon and now your skint.

It’s all right, everyone’s always boasting about how many jobs there are in Australia, you’ll be fine, well, there are a lot of jobs in Australia. In fact, there’s too many, unfortunately the ones available to Johnny backpacker aren’t exactly Facebook worthy, normally you’ll spend a few days on Gumtree find a few jobs send off the resume, and well the only ones you hear back from are commission based sales or bar jobs, hardly going to fund the big trip you had in your head before you arrived is it? Especially when you consider the cost of living in a big city, or even on the coast. Where most backpackers start out.

Make money fast like Adam

Adam Getting his farm work on.

Well, there is a solution to your financial woes, shimmy your way across the Great Dividing Range and head inland and you find yourself in a strange world completely different to world you left behind. A world where there’s endless space, very few people and cows cross the roads. There’s none of the suited and booted business types out here. People take the time to say G’day and the views go from glorious to spectacular. You’ve now entered rural Australia and there’s plenty of it to be explored.

Not only is it a truly beautiful place to see, its also a great money spinner. Jobs are plentiful out here, especially if your clued in to arrive in areas when the season starts. Backpackers have often used the tried and tested fruit picking equals beer tokens method. There are better ways to make money out here, believe me, fruit picking is hard slog, very little pay and crap conditions. But it can get you out of a tight spot.

There are alternatives, find a farm that works with cotton, wheat, sorghum, barley or anything that doesn’t involve hand picking and you’re on to a winner. Check the Harvest Trail website for details and areas where the season starts and ends. Get your farm work out of the way early, get your 3 months rural work signed sealed and delivered (well you don’t need to post it until you want to use it, but you know what I mean). You’ve just got your 2nd year visa.

Also with the lack of bright lights and shiny things you’ll not have anything to spend your cash on, plus many farmers provide free accommodation sometimes even food. So you should save a lot of coin for the onward journey!

This website can provide you with inside knowledge of seasoned backpackers and travelers alike, to make your time here in Aus not only more productive but better!

If you’ve just read this and literally scratched your head at terms like “sorghum”, “2nd year visa” or “free accommodation” then check out the links on this website and all will become clear.

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