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Matt’s adventure to Friday Creek

I have lived in Coffs Harbour for about four years. I like to think that I have visited and heard of just about everything local. However, a mate of mine shared a few months back that he had been to his regular hangout, called Friday Creek, on the previous weekend. I couldn’t bring myself to reveal that I didn’t know where it was.  When he spoke of the fact that it was one of the most beautiful places he knew of, well I just had to find it.

Friday Creek

Friday Creek 004

So amazing

So here starts part one of the story of Friday Creek. Last Sunday, my friend Zinky from Awesome Whitsundays, my boys and I set off in search of this secret paradise. Heading out along Coramba Road, within maybe 5 minutes, we found the turn off to Mount Brown Road. According to my research, this was to be where we were to head down. The drive itself is something to behold, but it was our next turn off at Island Loop Road, where things got interesting haha.

You will discover why there are two parts to this story shortly. As you drive along Island Loop Road, don’t be tempted as we were to follow the signs to Friday Creek. One chicken farm, one winery, and one fire trail later, we decided we had headed in the wrong direction. We made our way back to the Island Loop Road, and we were sure it would be all smooth sailing from here. We were beginning to see how this place had stayed off most people’s radar.

Several kilometres later we came to a small bridge where half a dozen locals were jumping and having a lot of fun. I convinced Zinky that although it was a great spot, we had not yet discovered “paradise.” The last instructions a random blog post had left me with was we needed to turn onto Dingo Fore Trail. Holding my phone into the air, I was able to find on Google maps that the road in front of us was more than likely Dingo Creek Road possibly leading to Dingo Fore Trail.

Friday Creek


Now this is where part 2 of this story will come in. A few fire trails, lots of Snapchats, plenty of laughs and an hour later we had failed to find the ULTIMATE location. Approximately 2 kilometres down Dingo Creek Road on the left, we did find the most spectacular little creek. As we explored, we found a rope swing and crystal clear, water hole. As you can see from the photos, this place could easily be considered paradise. Stay tuned as on Nicole’s next trip; we go hunting for the part of Friday Creek that includes rock slides and more.


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