Cycling & Meeting Quokkas on Rottnest Island

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Cycling & Meeting Quokkas on Rottnest Island

IMG_6744-2Staying at the Fremantle Prison YHA, I was in the perfect place to jump on the ferry for a full day adventure to Rottnest Island. The day started early, boarding the Rottnest Express ferry from Fremantle at [7:15]. The great part of staying in Fremantle was that the boat harbour is a short walk away.

I chose the Ferry and Bike Hire option. The regular price for this package is $99.00 but if you look around, it’s possible to find cheaper deals on the same package. While I was at Fremantle YHA, they were offering a discount deal at the time so be sure to ask if you stay there.

I travelled over with two friends that I met at the Fremantle Prison YHA and we were on the island by 8:30am. Yeww. We collected our hire bikes and started on our cycle around the island. I made the mistake of trying to bunny-hop the hire bike and ended up with a flat tyre before the end of the Jetty. Don’t get too tricky on these bikes, they strictly for leisurely cruising only!

TSFF0376-2The views over there are fantastic. Photos don’t give the place justice and it’s always worth getting off your bike and making little detours along some of the tracks you can’t ride on.

The Island has an interesting history and signs document some of the natural, military, aboriginal and maritime history of Rottnest. Be sure to read some of these interesting facts and figures!

After getting off the ferry, our little trio started riding around the island clockwise. I don’t think it matters which way you go but make sure you spend time exploring up some of the sand trails.We just left ours under a tree and hiked up some of the trails. You’ll have a hard time dragging your bike along.

You’ll also have a chance to meet the local population of Quokka’s they’re funny little creatures and look like the one above. They’re really friendly and quite curious. You’ll have to get the obligatory Rottnest Island Quokka selfie while you’re on the island!

Cycling Rottnest Island

To cycle around Rottnest Island, it’s a 25km loop following the edges. By the end of the day, we had ridden almost 30km including and done about 5km of walking. It’s a pretty decent workout for the day.

Rottnest IslandOff the grid

There’s a little barrack that we found by accident. I have no idea if it’s signed but the view up there was worth the detour. Again, you probably don’t want to take your bike up there. Here’s a map of where that was.

Things to see and do on Rottnest Island

  • Quokkas!
  • Rottnest Island Museum
  • Historic buildings (including old churches, houses and the cemetery)
  • Lighthouses (There’s two on the island)
  • Wartime remnants, (including barracks and cannons)
  • The coastal views at Geordie Bay, Fays Bay and The Basin.
  • Go Snorkling and Swimming!

Tips for visiting Rottnest Island

Take snacks and water! Once you leave the jetty you arrive at, there’s nowhere you can really get water or food until you get back. I recommend that you bring snacks and water to carry you though the day.

We cycled the island in two parts, we cut though the middle, back to the main town for lunch before embarking on the second half of the island in the afternoon. This worked out quite well.


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