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7 Crazy Things You Can Only Do in Australia

While most people only think of it as a country with kangaroos and crocodiles, there's more to Australia than what meets the eye. As a matter of fact, there are a number of experiences that you can't find anywhere but Australia! If you're hoping to plan a one-of-a-kind vacation, here are just seven crazy things [...]

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Two Secret Destinations on the East Coast

One thing we love at AusBackpacking is to challenge you to get you off the well-worn track and to explore new destinations. So as you head out of Sydney, don't let people convince you that Byron should be your first stop.  The Promised Lands The Promised Lands is also known as Never Never Creek. Located [...]

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10 Tips to Survive Your Greyhound Bus Trip

Whether you're travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Cairns or anywhere else in this vast country of Australia, we all know a Greyhound bus ride isn't always fun. Here are ten tips to help you survive your journey as you travel throughout Australia Surviving the Greyhound Bus 1. Contrary to common belief, it is [...]

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Everything in Australia is Trying to Kill You

From the spiders to the sharks, the snakes to the stingers, the crocs to the cassowaries, almost any living creature over here you can think of, aside from perhaps the koala, has been the cause of a human injury or death. In fact, thinking about it, I’m sure even the innocent-looking koala, attempting a foolhardy [...]

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Top 10 things to do in Esperance, WA

Top 10 things to do in Esperance? That's a short list but here we go. Esperance in Western Austalia is an iconic travel destination that most travellers have been told about or seen in photos. The white sand and Kangaroos on the beach make this place a truly beautiful place to visit. Here're the top [...]

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Buying a car or campervan as a backpacker in Australia.

So you’ve saved the money, you’ve quit the job. Time to go on the epic road trip! But as a backpacker you got to ask yourself a few questions before you part with the hard earned dollars, do I buy or rent? Should I get a car or campervan? How far do I want to [...]

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Make money fast as a backpacker in Australia

So you arrive in Australia and there’s a lot to take in the first few weeks, for one its warm, really warm, everyone talks very strangely and dreadlocks are the standard amongst young Aussie men…. The sea's warm, the air is thin and sand is golden. You’ve made it, you saved up your pennies and [...]

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Choosing a mobile phone network in Australia

  So you're traveling to Australia and deciding on a mobile network to choose. Straight up, my recommendation is Telstra. I'll explain a little more about why below. Though my recommendation is Telstra, many backpackers I have met that weren't planning to travel into the outback were very happy with Optus. Australia has 4 mobile [...]

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