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On a Kangaroo Island Adventure Tour

Kangaroo Island adventure, here we come. Six AM and the three of us had managed to get out of bed. We finished packing the car and started on the 1.5-hour drive to Cape Jervis from Adelaide. Meandering along the coastline past Second Valley, we watched the sunrise over the hills. Our Sealink ferry was boarding [...]

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Cycling & Meeting Quokkas on Rottnest Island

Staying at the Fremantle Prison YHA, I was in the perfect place to jump on the ferry for a full day adventure to Rottnest Island. The day started early, boarding the Rottnest Express ferry from Fremantle at 7:15. The great part of staying in Fremantle was that the boat harbour is a short walk away. [...]

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Exploring Fraser Island with Dingo’s Tours

Wow! Fraser Island did not disappoint! I went with the company Dingos, and it was such an epic experience! My danish mate Jeppei and my welsh besties Beth and Laurie were all booked into the same tour and even got to ride in the same 4×4! Within this car there were 8 of us, Andy [...]

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Matt’s adventure to Friday Creek

I have lived in Coffs Harbour for about four years. I like to think that I have visited and heard of just about everything local. However, a mate of mine shared a few months back that he had been to his regular hangout, called Friday Creek, on the previous weekend. I couldn't bring myself to reveal that [...]

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