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Travel podcaster, blogger, and live streamer. My passion is to do motivational speaking to empower people to follow their dreams through to reality. I love to engage and meet like-minded people in person and on social. I consult with travel companies to help hem understand and engage on social media.

Affiliate & Information Disclaimer

Disclaimer About Affiliates Travel and providing backpackers travelling within Australia with the best free information on travelling here is my passion. My dream is to inspire you to not only travel but to grow as individuals through your travelling experiences by what I present to you. I aim to give you actionable tips as well [...]

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Promote your business with a LIVE webcam

Promote your business with a LIVE webcam Webcams use to simply mean an expensive camera that was able to be added to a computer. Next came webcams built into the machines themselves, including laptops. Now there are cams everywhere. Beaches, shopping centres, lookouts with often find some sort of camera showing you something of interest. [...]

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Two Secret Destinations on the East Coast

One thing we love at AusBackpacking is to challenge you to get you off the well-worn track and to explore new destinations. So as you head out of Sydney, don't let people convince you that Byron should be your first stop.  The Promised Lands The Promised Lands is also known as Never Never Creek. Located [...]

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10 Tips to Survive Your Greyhound Bus Trip

Whether you're travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Cairns or anywhere else in this vast country of Australia, we all know a Greyhound bus ride isn't always fun. Here are ten tips to help you survive your journey as you travel throughout Australia Surviving the Greyhound Bus 1. Contrary to common belief, it is [...]

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Matt’s adventure to Friday Creek

I have lived in Coffs Harbour for about four years. I like to think that I have visited and heard of just about everything local. However, a mate of mine shared a few months back that he had been to his regular hangout, called Friday Creek, on the previous weekend. I couldn't bring myself to reveal that [...]

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